H&S EP8: 2 parter shauker

25 Apr

HELLO! Why Yes, we DID record another show for your ear holes.

We had a nice little sit down with our very own NIMIT MALAVIA to talk about his one man gallery show in the SAN FRANCISCO of CALIFORNIA! AT….

Spoke Art Gallery: “Find Together Again.”

If you haven’t had the pleasure to view these fine pieces of work, please do *click* the link above.

Wait, were you worried that you had to FLY to SF just to see these?? DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT, it’s on the house so go ahead and *click*


[audio http://db.tt/TVb6UVId]



Jetpens website

Palomino Blackwing Wooden Pencils


Paranormal 2pactivity


H&S EP7: eXJuan Valdez – Spill baby, spill!

5 Mar

This one is a SCORCHER.

In this episode, we explore Juan’s two year relationship with the Financial Post; how he got the job, what it was like growing with the client.

We turn the lights down low and get Juan’s intimate thoughts. If you like Maury Povich (we’re a little concerned for you), you’ll probably enjoy this episode!

WARNING: This episode may contain mild-course language, crying, DRAMAH, and insightful conversation.

Stay past the credits and for saucy BONUS MATERIAL.



And as always, please feel free to leave any questions or comments or concerns in the comment section below, or preferably to our Twitter account @hawkandsquirrel.

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Hope you enjoy the episode and thanks for listening!

H&S EP6: Plantains, bigger and with more potassium?

24 Feb


This little guy is just over 30 min. I know what you’re thinking and yes, that is a nice little portable size to carry around with you. However, this one was a lot of fun, almost right to the point and beefier dialog.

Juan talks about his extra credit illustration work, Nimit hits us with saucy counter points, and I try and answer a question but Juan won’t have it. #MVP

– Chad

WARNING: This episode contains mild-course language, #CLASSICJUAN ‘s and insightful commentary. In other words, all the essentials of a healthy pod-casting diet.




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Hawk and Squirrel: Episode 5 Raging Bull

17 Feb


Well, I sure am glad we’re back. It’s almost like we didn’t not go away. Ep5….or 25…who knows what number we’re up to, the most important part is that we tried and failed a WHOLE BUNCH! Editing this last episode was….refreshing. What do you think Nimit?

I agree, Chad. It feels great to hear the sound of our own voices again! We recorded this a little while ago, so we may be a little dated on somethings. In this episode we talk about what we’ve been up to this last little while, the reason for our “extended” hiatus from the podcast circuit, answer some long overdue listener questions and get introspective and talk about illustration in our life.

We hope you guys enjoy the episode!

And I guess a fair warning: This podcast contains mild course-language, jokes, and discussions of an artistic/adult nature, so we advise you to listen.


*DOWNLOAD EP5: Raging Bull*

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment section below, or preferably to our Twitter account @hawkandsquirrel.

Episode 3: yes, this is really happening

28 Mar

Well the winter is over and that can mean only one thing…the hawk is back. Nimit and Juan talk shop, on video! Oh you are in for a treat, we even have some photos. Meanwhile I’ve relocated to the D.C. Area and have been settling in and setting up shoppe of my own. Well, you are really going to enjoy this, let me tell you WHAT.






Hawk and Squirrel : Hawk and Power

25 Aug

No one hawk should have all that pooowerrrrrrr!!!!

Juan and Nimit will be attending this year’s Fanexpo in Toronto, August 27th – 29th. If you’re in the Toronto area, definitely stop by their respective tables to pick up some free Hawk and Squirrel swag, talk shop, photos, maybe even a haircut or two!!

Hope to see you guys there!

Hawk and Squirrel : Fire in a Fall Sky

22 Aug

Oh hey you! Haven’t seen you in a while!

We apologize for the long hiatus from posting, a few members of the H&S team have been busy with personal projects.

But rest assured we are hard at work on new episodes of the podcast!

In the mean time, Nimit has just finished a brand new Time-lapse that he wanted to share with you + some talks on the process

I began with a thumbnail of the image in mind, I often use this small drawing as a guide for the rest of the process:

Working up the drawing to plan out specific elements and to help prepare for the final execution:

I draw a more revised drawing on the the paper type that I plan on inking:

After the major line and ink work was finished, I carefully dry brushed areas of the face and body to give the drawing more dimension and tone. This stage of the drawing had me really nervous, as it was kind of make or break in certain areas. For tricky things like this I always keep a few test sheets and A LOT of paper towel on the side so I can have everything in the best working condition before I put brush to paper.



I then took the drawing into the computer and applied a frame to the drawing in Illustrator. Looking at it, I thought that it might be nice to work up the frame with a lot of decorative elements reminiscent of the old portraits from the early 1900’s.

After doing a few drawings and designs, I decided that a simple frame suited the piece best.

Here are the brushes and pencil that I used through out this piece, below is a full list of the tools with name:


(in ascending order)

-Staedtler Kneadable Eraser

-Winsor & Newton Artists’ Water Colour Sable – Pointed Round (size 3)

-Wallack’s brand White Taklon – One Stroke (size 1/8″)

-Winsor & Newton Scepter Gold II – Sable/Synthetic (size 2)

-Pen and Nib

-Pentel Mechanical Pencil (size 0.5mm)

-White eraser (used to be a big rectangle)

-Bond Paper (13.5 lb)

-Arches Watercolour paper (200lbs)

If you would like to see more of Nimit’s work please visit his website at nimitmalavia.com

Thanks for stopping by!

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